These Streets are Alive

With street photography, you simply never know what you'll find around each corner.  One minute you're laughing, camera in hand, stalking a man in silver space boots and a feather hat. A few seconds later you feel the pang of sorrow as a homeless person holds out his hat for change.  In the meantime, DIY signs are plastered on every possible surface to advertise someone's religious or political beliefs. You wince as wind blows debris into your eyes.  Skyscrapers loom in the distance with construction equipment in the foreground.  In a city of twenty million people,  you watch a sole person walking down an eerily silent block.  A leaf rests at the base of a knotty tree reminding you of the spirals in a Van Gogh painting.  Just when you think things are calming down, dozens of models dressed in identical outfits and red hats storm through Grand Central Station turning the heads of hurried commuters.  It's all in a day's work here in this crazy city.  I love every gritty second of it, and am glad to share some of what I see with you.  These photos were taken over a one hour period on the East Side of Manhattan.













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