Yes, BP Has Even Poisoned Creativity.

Months ago I found a unique image in a Long Island parking lot. I blogged about it here, and called it "The most beautiful oil leak I've ever seen." This of course was long before the Deepwater Horizon oil spill destroyed the Gulf Coast.  Now, I can't believe I ever strung the words "Beautiful oil leak" together in the same sentence. Blasphemy!

The truth is, I found it remarkable that something toxic like motor oil could create something so organic and colorful. To me it took on the appearance of a psychedelic fern and reminded me that beauty could be found everywhere.

I don't feel that way anymore.

BP has poisoned more than the Gulf, its wildlife, and surrounding business. After nearly four months and 140 million gallons, the oil has seeped deep within my subconcious. As a result, this photo no longer symbolizes ironic beauty to me.  Today, all I can see is destruction. 




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