PhotoPhilanthropy, Changing the World One Photo at a Time

I recently learned about an extraordinary organization called PhotoPhilanthropy.  Their mission is to promote, support, and connect photographers with charitable organizations around the world.  Their website features a convenient tool that lets you search for volunteer photography opportunities in your area.  If you want to use your photography skills to give back to the local community while building your portfolio, this is an excellent way to do it.  If you work with a group that's considered a charitable organization (501c3), you can even submit a photo essay here.  For inspiration, check out last year's entries.  Take a few minutes to navigate their website and see how photography can make a difference one photo at a time. 



Here in New York, myself and a few other staffers at NYIP have been volunteering with "Rehabilitation Through Photography".  We made a short video which really shows the joy photography brings the group.  You can watch it here. 





If you get involved with a program in your area, I'd love to hear about it.  Please share it here, or with the community on Facebook.


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