Art to Bookmark

Here are some terrific pieces of art that captured my imagination over the past few weeks. 


I'll begin with these ipad paintings by Don Shank.  He created them with an app called "Brushes"
which sells for eight bucks.   No paints, chemicals, or canvases are necessary.  The artist primarily used his index finger.  Visit his blog for more.


Paintings by Don Shank


Next up is this “Pixel Pour” on Mercer Street in New York.  To me, it blurs the lines between reality and an increasingly virtual world.  More on that here:

photo by benjamin norman @ gnom3sayin

Time Lapse films are something I’ve long been interested in.  This one by Mindrelic is a visual feast and proof that unique camera angles can still be found in New York  (check the 2:06 mark). 


Finally there is this post by Jim Brandenburg who you may know from the "Chased by the Light” DVD.   In this particular post he talks about how he opted for a pocket sized 500 mm catadioptric lens instead of a bulky 600mm.  By carrying a lighter load he was able to get deep into the woods and capture some really special photos.


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