Autumn Oasis in the Big Apple


Now that the sun sets around 6pm, the city is a madhouse as the golden light descends upon the landscape. Just a few blocks away in either direction commuters stream in and out of both Grand Central Terminal and Times Square. Here on 5th avenue, there is a small place to seek refuge, the Bryant Park Pond. It is a seasonal, temporary resting area just for the holidays. Ice skaters circle their way under the glistening skyscrapers and vendors sell an assortment of festive crafts and products. Soon, the Christmas tree will be put up and lit without the fanfare or media coverage of Rockefeller Center.



In true New York fashion, things have been quite productive lately (a nicer way of saying insanely busy). I shot this on my Canon 40D last night and downloaded it to the iPad while riding a train this morning. Edited with the unbelievably powerful app, Filterstorm Pro which does much of what Photoshop can, but for about ten bucks (iPad not included).

The grungy borders were then added with the free app Pixlr-o-matic. If you haven't already picked it up, do so now.

Finally, this post is being uploaded from a free wifi connection using the Squarespace app. I'm about to hit publish and hope things look right for you reading at home. Back with more soon.


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