Romance and Solitude in Central Park


A spectacular hike last night around Central Park which culminated with this photo near the Bow Bridge. The weather was warm enough to open your jacket and breathe deeply while admiring the colorful old trees which still remain despite the recent nor'easter. It was the second shoot in as many days which was processed using nothing but the camera connection kit and iPad for post production. The whole thing was done on the train long before I got home. I'm starting to think this can replace my old workflow of Lightroom and Photoshop for a large portion of my shoots. The turnaround is so much faster as I don't have to wait until I'm in front of my iMac to start processing. No need to lug a laptop either as the iPad 2 is snappy and responsive with anything I've asked it to do thus far.



It's more fun to edit with your fingers. You pinch, pull, slide and tap, all of which feel more intuitive than pointing and clicking a mouse. Maybe it's the novelty of it all that has me over-excited, but it feels like painting. Now, I'm not sure how the print output will compare to a photo that's processed in the traditional digital darkroom, so that needs to be tested. I'll share my results here.



In the meantime, this is a video on how this whole camera and iPad 2 connection work.




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