Your Computer isn't Possessed, it's Just a PC



If it were up to me, we would have purchased an Apple, but my wife needed a Windows machine for her job. Like so many places of business, their computer network was designed to play nicely in a PC environment. As such, we chose an Acer with a highly rated Core i3 processor, plenty of RAM, and a large hard drive. I thought these upgraded specs coupled with Windows 7 had the potential to shake the PC stigma. I mean, it had to be better than XP and Vista right?  Well, thankfully it is more refined than the aforementioned efforts.  Yet, not a day goes by that we don't scratch our heads in amazement at the overall instability of the system.

Regardless of one's personal preference for Apple or PC, there is one thing we all want from our computer; consistency. This is where I find Windows lacking. Any IT person will tell you that intermittent issues are the toughest to diagnose and fix.  When PowerPoint and Microsoft Word work fine on Monday only to crash repeatedly on Tuesday, you lose confidence in its reliability. When a phone recognizes the WIFI home network immediately but a high end laptop takes several minutes to connect, you realize why Windows is losing their grip on the market. After malicious malware slips through your $50 a year virus protection, you are forced to perform a time consuming full computer scan. When you receive a never ending array of requests to update the software, it seems that nothing has really changed from years past.  In two short months we've been forced to restart her PC more times than I've rebooted my iMac in two years.

I'm not saying that Apple is perfect, far from it actually. I have way too many useless Apple products that have been rendered obsolete from now unsupported versions of their OSX. This includes dusty desktops, dead notebooks, old-school ipods, and early model iphones. While this is certainly frustrating as it essentially forces me to upgrade more often, I find it the lesser of two evils. What I want is a computer that works 100% of the time, not one that seems to have a mind of its own. Sure, there are ways to work around the limitations of the platform, but it's inefficient at best. I was wrong to believe that Windows 7 would be a suitable solution. I think Sue summed it up best by proclaiming, "the next time we buy a computer, it'll be an Apple."


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