Developing an Android App in 120 Minutes

After working through Apple’s convoluted submission process for the NYIP iPhone app, I was skeptical about attempting an Android build.  I don’t even own an Android device, nor have I ever used one.  I viewed it much like a foreign language which I never took the time to learn.  Still, considering the Android platform’s rapidly expanding user base, it was clear that I needed to dive in head first.  


I started the process using AppMakr and quickly set up the RSS feeds to the blog, videos, podcasts, photo feed, and twitter account.  Each one was given a unique icon, followed by the school’s logo and branding art.  In less than one hour, I had a working demo on my desktop computer. 

The app was off to a terrific start, but I still wondered what challenges lie ahead.  There was a surprising absence of instructional videos, and almost no forum chatter from struggling developers.  Could it be this easy?  I forged ahead to find out. 

The next step involved downloading the completed app file to my hard drive.  I then purchased the Android developers license for the bargain price of $25.  Not bad considering that Apple’s license is $100.  After completing payment, I was prompted to upload the file.  The finishing touches included adding a description, setting the price (free), and uploading screen shots.  All of this brought the whole process to approximately two hours.

If there is one definitive place where Android has Apple beat, it’s in the App submission process.  There was no lengthy waiting period, and no confusing paperwork.  In fact, just moments after I uploaded the file, the app was available live for download!  You can get it here:


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