The Giant Bear and Roses of Park Avenue



When I first heard about the giant bear that would be temporarily displayed in New York, I knew I had to find and photograph it.  Locating it was no trouble at all, as it's absolutely massive and sits right on Park Ave around 52nd/53rd St.  There is a security guard who watches over it, and of course the pigeons linger with ideas of their own.  I'm not sure if the guard is there to protect the bear from humans, or the birds.  The piece is truly a sight to behold, and considering it's made from Bronze is quite the feat.  It's called "Untitled (Lamp/Bear)" by Urs Fischer, who started his career as a photographer.  To read a terrific interview with the artist, check here.




Just a few blocks beyond the bear, is another very interesting public display titled “Roses" by Will Ryman.  They were made from fiberglass and stainless steel and will remain on display until May 31st. The NY Times featured an article about the piece here.   



  If you're in the area, here is a map of some other temporary works in NYC.


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