F18 Super Hornet with Vapor Cloud, 2011 Jones Beach Airshow

In the days leading up to the 2011 Jones Beach Airshow, it appeared the lineup would be one of the weakest in years.  With the fleet of F22 raptors grounded, the Thunderbirds elsewhere, and the Blue Angels having their own difficulty, I wondered if it would even be worth going.  Still, I kept a close eye on the aviation news blogs and twitter accounts.  On Thursday night 5/26, I got word that an F18 Super Hornet would be making an appearance.  My first thought was the possibility of seeing the rare and impressive vapor cloud.     




As the F18 made a fast pass, a vapor bubble appeared and I fired off about 10 shots while my heart pounded wildly.  There's something about witnessing this miraculous display of sheer power and precision that makes my adrenaline rush.  You can hear my shutter rattling off frames just before the after-burners tear through the sky.  The sound was recorded with the Zoom H2.  Of course I hung around to photograph the rest of the show.  Check back for more high flying images in the next few days.



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