Lensbaby, and the Spirit of Unpredictability


I feel vulnerable when shooting with the Lensbaby Plastic Optic.  There is a lack of control that I would otherwise have when working with my usual set of lenses.  The focus is soft, the results are unpredictable, and it's nearly impossible to recreate the same look twice.  Truth is, I wholly welcome this awkward space. It's liberating to drop the pursuit of perfection and be open to surprise and experimentation.  After all, shouldn't art be created in the spirit of freedom?



You may leave me an anonymous comment to proclaim that Lensbabies are a gimmick, or merely write them off as a cheap toy.  Perhaps you are right, but does it really matter?  This morning I created several images with a different tool, and I'm glad to share them.  I would encourage you to try this out for yourself before jumping to conclusions.  The unique combination of you're eye and this nifty little optic may work to produce something the world has never seen before. 




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