Infinite Stash of Online Videos

When I come across a terrific video online, I usually want to share it with someone else, or watch later on a big screen.  Whether it’s an informative photography clip, a breathtaking short film, or an inspirational presentation, there is a wealth of great content on the web.  Problem is, you have to sift through a wasteland of un-curated material to find it.  Previously, this involved a rather sloppy system of random bookmarks and links I emailed to myself.  Today however, I’d like to report on a new solution for creating your own collection of online videos.  It’s called Squrl, and I’ve been testing it with great results over the past week.



Here’s how it works:

1)      Create a free account and add the “Squrl It” button to your browser’s toolbar.  When you find a video you like, just click this button to add videos to your queue.

2)      You can curate your videos into different sections similar to dedicated channels for various types of material.  I’ve created areas for photography, music, inspiration, and more.

3)      There is also a “Discover” tab to browse current material from various outlets like Hulu, Vimeo, and Youtube.  I find this a rather convenient feature since it eliminates the need to go to each site separately.

4)      There are many ways a user can play a video including desktop computers.  If you prefer to use an iPad or iPhone, there are also apps for that.  Airplay is also supported for those who use Apple TV.  As such, you can watch on your TV instead of a smaller device.

5)      The videos stay in your Queue unless you actually delete them. 

6)      If you choose to be social with your videos they do offer Facebook and Twitter integration.


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