Shadowy Glacier, Canadian Rockies



I'll always remember this particular morning as our coldest camping experience ever.  Since the Canadian Rockies are so far north, summer days are long with the sun rising very early (about 5:45am).  In order to catch the golden light, I set the battery powered alarm for 4:15am and went to sleep in the warm sleeping bag.  

Six hours later the alarm chimed, and I quickly sat up to kill the beeping.  The frigid mountain air immediately surrounded me and I pondered going back to sleep.  I remembered my rule, "no decision making first thing in the morning."  As I'm waving the flashlight around Sue groggily says "do you really want to do this."  I tentatively confirm and we start getting ready in record time to keep warm.  Within 10 minutes we were dressed and in the car with the heat blasting on our slowly thawing digits.  

We drove deep into the mountains and found a sign for a trailhead.  The sun had yet to rise so we hiked at a brisk pace to keep our body temperature up.  Suddenly we came upon a beautiful glacier and I made this photo as the first light of day kissed the top of the peak and ice.  You could see exactly where the glacier ended, something I'd never imagine could happen.  The golden glow of morning mixed with the shadows making for a moody photo.  


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