Lobsters Over a Wood Fire

While up near Bar Harbor, Maine, I was drawn off Route 3 by steam billoughing out of giant rustic ovens. The place was called the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound, and I'm glad I stopped in.  In New York, buying a Lobster is a pretty straightforward process much like going to Supermarket where you see the Lobster on ice, pay for it, and go home with a brown bag.  Yet here in Maine, Lobster is a way of life.  Since 1956 Trenton Bridge has been in the Lobster business.  Below are some photos of how they do it.  

Your Lobsters are put in net bags and thrown into a huge vat of boiling sea water.


Each order is identifed through wooden numbers attached to the end of the bag.


Staff keep the fire hot by constantly adding new wood.


Fresh seawater is frequently poured into the pots.


At any given time, dozens of Lobsters are being cooked in the rustic ovens.


Once cooked, the Lobsters are removed and ready to go.


I took mine with the shell cracked and ready to go.  


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