Long Exposure Lighthouse Experiment



This was a creative frame taken with a twenty second exposure at dusk.  I started with the lens at 28mm to capture the wide angle view, counted to about 10 seconds, then quickly zoomed in to 135mm for the larger Lighthouse view for the remaining 10 seconds of the exposure.  Since there was no way to focus during the exposure, I manually set that prior to pressing the shutter.  By focusing on the scene using thw wide angle view and using a small aperture of f22, there was enough depth of field to keep the larger view reasonably sharp at 135mm.  I expected something similar to that of a double exposure like I used to shoot back in the day with slide film.  Yet, I was totally surprised by what happened with the actual beam from the Lighthouse.  As you can see, it created a trail from the wide vantage point to the tighter view.  An added trail stretches to the bottom of the frame and ends in a starburst.  

For post production, I brought the shot in CS5, converted to B&W and then added a Kubota "B&W Warm" action which gave it just a hint of sepia toning.  

I've photographed this Lighthouse dozens of times in all different seasons.  It's just a short drive over a bridge to the South Shore.  If you have a well photographed spot in your area, I'd encourage you to experiment with some long exposure techniques as well.  You just might see an old subject in a new way.  


ChrisLong Island