Preshoot Checklist

This should be a slow, deliberate ritual that takes place the day before your shoot while you are not rushed, or distracted.  By accomplishing this ahead of time, you can focus on the shoot and not have to worry about forgetting anything, or making a hurried decision.  

  • Charge all camera batteries, rechargeable batteries for accessories, and any necessary electronic devices.  Be sure to include extra batteries as well.
  • Clean all lenses, filters, and cameras with microfiber cloths.
  • Make sure all memory cards have been formatted completely.  
  • Adjust all camera settings to default shooting selections.  ie: RAW, lowest ISO, Auto White Balance, Burst Mode, Spot Meter.
  • Wipe any sand or grit from tripod and light stands. Open and close to make sure they are operating smoothly.
  • Test all accessories including umbrellas, reflectors, clamps, pocket wizards, and flash.
  • Prepare any additional materials like gaffer tape, allen keys, rubber bands, pens, sharpie markers, business cards, and a small first aid kit.
  • Pack all required gear needed for shoot while double checking that all necessary gear is accounted for.  


If you missed the post about how I carry my gear, you can access it here.