Thanks for a Great DC Workshop!

Long before the sun peaked over the horizon or the bus loads of tourists flooded the area, we began making pictures. The day could not have been better, and we continued to capture splendid images all the way through dusk, stopping only for lunch and a portfolio review.

For me, it's exceptionally rewarding to work with passionate photographers and help create memories and friendships that last a lifetime. I am grateful for each participant's hard work and effort. We covered an immense array of techniques and topics including composition, manual metering, flash, white balance, live view with manual focus, finding clean backgrounds, working with graduated neutral density filters, and creative use of depth of field and shutter speed. Only with a small group is this kind of personalized attention possible.

All kinds of gear are welcome at these workshops, and we used everything from Canon, Nikon, wide angle zooms, medium telephotos, and even a fisheye lens. Tripods were essential as many low light images required long exposures well beyond hand-holding shutter speeds.

A very special thanks to Sue for her assistance planning the workshop, in addition to her outstanding creative input, navigational expertise, and patience. She took most of the images pictured here with a fixed 50mm lens.

If you would like to be notified of upcoming photo workshops, please drop me an email with the Contact page. Thanks!


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