Photos from the 2012 Jones Beach Airshow


Vapors on the wing of Blue Angel #4


Look closely, there are actually two jets here!


This close pass at high speeds left the Jones Beach crowd of 180,000 gasping.


The Blue Angels fan out into a beautiful formation.


A high speed pass from the left.



John Klatt performs a gravity defying maneuver over the ocean.


The long awaited arrival of the F22 Raptor did not disappoint. Here the Raptor is nearly engulfed in Vapors as it tears through the sky.


The Canadian Snowbirds pull off an impressive formation.


Three Snowbirds zip past in tight formation.


Smoke is on, as the Geico Skytypers take to the air.


The always moving Air Force Heritage Flight.


Sean D. Tucker thrills the crowd in his Oracle 3 Challenger.


The activities brought out the patriotism in just about everyone.


Let us remember our Veterans.



ChrisLong Island