3 Photography Videos to Watch Online While Snowed In by Nemo

The snowblower engine groaned, unable to compete with the 3-4 foot snow drifts.  We gave it the good fight and shoveled for hours before succumbing to the reality; we're not going anywhere!  Thankfully, the sun has made an appearance, and we still have power.  Pull up a chair and warm your creative spirit with these terrific photography videos.   

If you just have time for one video, make it this one, a documentary on a true master, Henri Cartier-Bresson.

In this inspiring video, Joe McNally reveals what the most important pieces of equipment are in a photographer's bag.

Throughout his career, Walker Evans's goal remained unchanged: to produce photographs that are both evocative and mysterious and also an accurate record of the day. Evans came from a tradition of American photographers interested in identifying the unique character of everyday American life.  Hear Evans talk about his work during the Depression, his collaboration with the author James Agee, and his pursuit of a "bull's-eye" photograph, in this video.

Chris Corradino