6D, Silent Spy Camera for Street Photography

As I walked through the streets of Manhattan taking photos, I quickly realized how incredibly quiet the shutter is on the Canon 6D.  In fact, in "Silent Shutter" mode, the sound is essentially inaudible making it possible to photograph people up close without drawing attention to yourself.  This has the potential to take "shooting from the hip" to a whole new level.  


The high ISO capability made it possible to shoot all of these at ISO 3200 without degrading the image quality.  This is important as it allowed me to use a smaller aperture of f8, providing more depth of field while still retaining a fast enough shutter to freeze any subject motion.  


With the full frame sensor and a wide angle lens it's possible to show more of the subject's environment, introducing new angles and perspectives.  Here at 17mm, you can see some of the perspective distortion accentuating the man's already contorted facial expression.  


These ultra wide perspectives are also quite helpful for showing details from the ground to the ceiling, or from left to right.

5th ave.jpg

A wax figure sports a Yankee cap near Times Square on 42nd Street. The resolution captures even the smallest details like lint on the hat.


All images were shot at ISO 3200, f8, with a Canon 17-40mm.  

Chris Corradino