A Backhanded Compliment

I strive to make images that are worthy of being stolen. However, for someone to actually steal my image and claim it as their own is taking it way too far. 

Here's the scary part...I would have never known about the infraction if not for the kind efforts of a reader who alerted me via email. This good Samaritan then went a step further and left a comment under the photo. "This is a great image, However, it was stolen from Chris Corradino Photography".  This proved effective as the stolen image was deleted within an hour. For his efforts in getting this resolved, I'd like to sincerely thank the whistle blower! I am very grateful for your time and efforts! 

As for the person who stole the image, perhaps you could use a refresher on copyright law. 

Thankfully, there are steps photographers can take should someone steal one of your images.


Chris Corradino