A Foggy Day in Oceanside

A foggy day in Oceanside made for a unique experience at the Marine and Nature Study Area. Visibility was less than 50 feet at times, and despite the sun trying to burn through, the mist was too dense and lingered most of the morning.  Having photographed here on several days with blue skies, I welcomed the different conditions and sought to capture a few images that represented the experience.  


Superstorm Sandy destroyed several of the aged wooded pathways in the park, most of which have been replaced with stronger composite materials. The little footbridge still remains, though crossing over the broken planks would likely not be safe.  Shrouded in dense fog, the scene took on a much more interesting mood, and I used a 400mm to frame a tight composition with the little stream leading the eye through the frame.  I tend to expose fog closer towards white to accurately capture the way it looks in reality.  This is the way my eyes saw it, devoid of contrast.  

This area is known for it's abundance of birds and this day was no exception. I almost missed it, but did catch a glance of an Osprey perched in a field, scanning for potential prey.  It was approximately 100 yards away and I used the 400mm on the 40D to take advantage of the 1.6x crop factor, making it an effective 640mm.  


This beautiful Great Egret was fishing but not having much luck. This frame was caught with a shutter of about 1/1000 as the fog dissipated. White birds are something I choose to expose more towards the +2 on my meter while watching the histogram to make sure I protect the highlights.  


I look forward to returning to Oceanside several more time this Spring as more birds migrate through the area.  For more info on the park, check their site.

Chris Corradino