A Fresh New Look with Squarespace 6

One year ago I sat in the modern downtown loft of  Squarespace Headquarters. The visit was arranged for me to check out the beta version of their cutting edge portfolio and blogging platform, "V6". Up until this point, it was merely something that a handful of tech forums were speculating on, but not many people had really seen. Well as it turned out, no one had actually seen it outside of the company. "You're the first" Matt said as he and Jesse logged me into the iMac. Oh and by the way, they continued, "we're running special software to record your keystrokes and mouse clicks". Gulp. This was going down an interesting road, and I had barely put my bag down.

For the next hour I fiddled with the various design blocks and features while offering honest feedback. I found myself saying things like, "I believe most photographers would want the ability to change the transparency of this nav bar" and "if it were my site, I'd like the ability to do this...". I'm sure it had to be frustrating for them as I'm in no way a web developer and don't necessarily talk in code. Still, they wanted my opinion as a user, and politely listened as I stumbled through the new set of menus.

The software was impressive and unlike anything I'd ever seen. Sure it had bugs as this was beta mode. Yet, one thing was clear, my website would eventually be created with it. Resizing a browser window was quickly met with interactive design elements that automatically resized the photos and text. If a user was on a 27" inch iMac or an iPhone, they would have a quality browsing experience. Even without the ability to code, the simple backend made it possible to create a completely unique design. I saw the future right then, and wanted to tweet and blog about it right then and there. I wasn't sure how private this was supposed to be and I didn't want to reveal any secret information so I kept quiet, until now.

I'm proud to present my freshly updated website built entirely with Squarespace V6.

A special thanks to Jesse, Matt, and the rest of the tech support team for answering my many requests for assistance. They recently won a customer service award and I saw why first hand.

As for the logo, that is compliments of my talented brother, who specializes in Graphic Designer. Thanks bro!

As an early adopter, I understand the likelihood of occasional glitches, yet I felt the superior usability, cleanliness and design capability outweighed these risks. I hope you enjoy the content here, and I thank you for the continued support of my art.


Chris Corradino