A Light in the Dark


People are sometimes surprised by my faith in God. To be honest, when Jesus entered my life it was not something I had planned. I was in a really dark place, struggling with personal demons. It was then that I noticed a friend reading a book peacefully. I asked her what it was, and she showed me the cover, “Jesus Calling”. She offered to let me read a page and at that moment, everything paused in deafening silence. A fork in the road presented itself. Which way would I choose? I felt a sense of peace fall over me as I took the book. I opened my heart ever so slightly and He came flooding in like gangbusters. This was the moment I came to Jesus and I continue to look to Him and the Word to guide me each day. The camera is one way I connect with His creations. I feel that photography was His gift to me, and therefore I try to share it each and every day. I thank each one of you for joining me as I do so. I thought this verse was appropriate for the image captured this morning. 

Chris Corradino