A Simpler Way of Life

Imagine living in a Florida condominium with a pool and a sports car, and then moving into a log cabin in the middle of the woods in upstate New York. That's the decision John Coffer made, commenting how the former lifestyle "wasn't really very fulfilling". This short film offers an intimate look at a simpler way of life with 50 acres, cattle, chicken, and a log cabin. 

Coffer is also a photographer who chooses to shoot large wet plate tin types. He explains that "In this day and age of digital where it is so easy to just shoot thousands of pictures in a day, each individual picture becomes rather insignificant. Whereas with the tin type, it's very intentional and you're not going to make very many in a day. They become valued objects, not just an image. Each image is absolutely unique like a painting."

Watch the entire 6 minute film by Ben Wi and David Usui here.

Chris Corradino