When and How a Sequester Will Impact the 2013 Airshows


2013 was supposed to be the 60th season for the Air Force Thunderbirds performance team.  Hopefully, we all get a chance to see their famed Diamond, and Delta formations again this summer.  If not, there will still be a show at Jones Beach, but the majority of performers would be civilian pilots.  Interestingly though, the Canadian Forces CF-18 has been confirmed.  

The kind folks at AirshowStuff Blog have cut through all the rumors on the web, and provided a detailed look at the ways in which a sequester will impact the 2013 airshows including the Jones Beach performances in NY.  Here is their report:

"Contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, none of the jet teams or single-ship demos has cancelled their 2013 performance schedules. The teams and the single-ship demos will continue to practice and perform through March 31. If sequestration cuts are not avoided or rolled back by then, all military performers will stand down. They will cease to practice or perform unless/until sequestration is subsequently “undone.” So, for example, if sequestration cuts are in place on April 1, the Blue Angels, Thunderbirds, Raptor demo and Navy single-ship demos will stop practicing and will not perform at scheduled shows. If, however, Congress later takes action to roll back those cuts, the various demonstration teams/pilots will resume practice and begin performing at previously scheduled air shows again once they are current…a process that may take just a few days or weeks, depending on how long they have not been practicing.

Chris Corradino