Beach Scenes from Robert Moses State Park

Here are some beach scenes from Robert Moses State Park on Long Island. The water in the first image caught me off guard, thoroughly soaking my sneakers. It was quite a cold shock at first, but worth it to get the photo. The patterns in the sand were quite unique, totally different than anything I've seen before.  The ultra wide perspective was created with the Canon 6D and 17-40mm. 

Here are more of those beautiful patterns, and these had a hint of magenta to them.


By getting down as far as possible, I was able to include the large anchor as a foreground element to the Lighthouse. Anytime you point the camera straight up like this, it creates perspective distortion. I used the lens correction tool in Lightroom to straighten things out a bit.

Pretty soon, the beach will be packed with sunbathers. For now however, it's still very quiet. Until next time...

Chris Corradino