Benefits of Shooting JPEG


The advantages of shooting RAW are well documented. However, there are benefits to shooting in Jpeg as well. Since purchasing the small but powerful Olympus Pen F, I've been shooting in Jpeg Large/Fine as opposed to RAW. This is a massive departure from my former routine which involved processing .ORF files in Lightroom. Now I let the camera's Jpeg engine do the image editing at the time of the shot. This includes noise reduction, sharpening, contrast and saturation adjustment. Images really pop right out of the camera. I also set my image quality to the "SuperFine" option for the benefit of less compression. 

As an added benefit, I can quickly choose and transfer Jpeg images to my phone. This feature does not work with RAW files. The camera's WiFi mode is quite user-friendly and pairs quickly with the Olympus Share App. By using this method, I can post images to social media without the need for a laptop or desktop computer. This means there is less time between when an image is captured and shared.

Chris Corradino