Thanks to the Huntington Camera Club


Thanks to the Huntington Camera Club for a terrific turnout at last night's lecture. The topic was "Controlling Your Camera" which starts with the basics and builds from there. It was a real honor to be presenting to so many passionate photographers. 

As an Instructor, I always appreciate audience questions and feedback. It gives me a clear picture of the common issues photographers are dealing with at various stages of their career. As John Lennon sang, "there are no problems, only solutions." My presentations are designed to offer technically sound, practical advice on how to overcome these challenges. 


Many years ago when I started shooting with slide film, I belonged to a camera club on Long Island. The club was filled with people who had 20 plus years of experience. I didn't necessarily care for the competitions and how well my photos scored. It was really about the camaraderie with other people who were crazy enough to wake up hours before sunrise and sit in a bird blind waiting for a bird to potentially land. It was the tips and conversation like "oh by the way, there's a photogenic park over on Route 27" that aided in my artistic growth. I encourage you to visit your local library or google the nearest club in your area. 

For businesses and clubs looking for speakers, I offer several programs which all run nearly two hours. Contact me for more info.

Chris Corradino