Camera Packing List for Overseas Adventure

I prefer not to be weighed down while exploring a city as it makes travel uncomfortable. Still, it's important that I have the right tools for the job. By working with a full frame camera and a crop factor body simultaneously it offers great flexibility in focal range coverage as EF lenses can be mounted on either camera. As such I can shoot from 17mm - 320mm with only one small gap from 64-70mm. The setup includes just three lenses with maximum apertures of f1.8, f2.8 and f4.

Ancient Lost Cities of the Mediterranean -  A Voyage from Barcelona to Dubrovnik   Jun 10 - 20, 2013

Ancient Lost Cities of the Mediterranean - A Voyage from Barcelona to Dubrovnik

Jun 10 - 20, 2013

17-40mm f4 with Canon 6D
This lens becomes an effective 27-64mm with Canon 40D
This will be my primary lens for scenics, interiors, cathedrals, street.

85mm f1.8 on 6D
Becomes an effective 136mm f1.8 on Canon 40D
Used for food, portraits, tighter landscapes, or super wide aperture needs.

70-200mm f2.8 on Canon 6D
Becomes an effective 112mm-320 f2.8mm on Canon 40D
For any distant subjects, wildlife, etc.

Canon 580EXII flash

Tiffen Circular Polarizer
0.6, 0.9, 1.2 soft edge graduated ND filters HiTech with Cokin holder

Temple of Segesta

Temple of Segesta

Tripod with Ballhead (see these tips to help find the perfect tripod)

Batteries and charger for 6D
Batteries and charger for 40D
Batteries and charger for AA rechargeables

CF and SD Cards
Memory Kick Portable Hard Drive
64 GB Memory Stick

iPad with Camera Connector Kit

For more on the camera bags I use to carry my gear, check this article

Electrical adapters and other travel tips can be accessed here.

Chris Corradino