Can't Keep Up? 3 Main Features of Adobe's Creative Cloud

Adobe's new creative cloud is here, and photographers everywhere (myself included) are wondering if it's the right solution for them.  Below I'll list three of the most intriguing features of the new cloud.

1) You can register your Adobe programs for use on two different desktop computers.  This can be very convenient for photographers who use a home office and a separate studio for example.  Many photographers feel this is not enough however, and are asking for the ability to register at least three computers.  I can definitely see how that would be helpful for users with two desktops and a laptop.  Despite many conflicting reports, you do not need access to the internet once you successfully download these programs to your computer.  

2) With 20 gigabytes of cloud storage space you can start a project in one location, save it to the cloud, and resume from your second location later in the day. This cloud can even be accessed from tablets for a mobile editing experience with the excellent Photoshop Touch app.  Of course in addition to the cloud, you can still have your files on a local hard drive, external drives, etc.  The 20GB cloud is like having an additional Dropbox specifically for photos you need to access on-the-go.  

3) The convenience of the above mentioned features come with a price.  There are different options to choose from.  I've already talked to some professionals who love this new system as they can now have access to the full Adobe Suite for $50 a month without buying each piece of software.  

Still, for those exclusively using Lightroom, it's actually more cost effective to simply purchase the stand-alone software outside of the cloud for $149 and use it for as long as you'd like.  Adobe has stated that unlike Photoshop, Lightroom will continue to be offered as a stand-alone software.   

creative-cloud-explainer (1).jpg
Chris Corradino