Client Success Story - Chris Carrion


Over the last several years, I've had the honor of watching one of my clients take her passion for photography, and develop it into a blossoming business. Chris Carrion has a fearless approach to challenging herself both technically and creatively. The results of her efforts are immediately evident in the unwavering quality, and wide breadth of her photographic ability.

Her business, Boudoir on the Beach is taking off, and as you'll read, she is also using her photography to help others with her images being featured in the documentary "Hope Deferred". Please read her story below, check out her Boudoir Photography Facebook page,  and enjoy her stunning work.  - Chris

"When I was ten years old, I received my first camera, which gave me a new perspective and accompanied me on many journeys as I explored the world and developed an eye for composing and framing photographs.  I always knew that one day I would do amazing things with my vision and interpretation of the love and beauty around us—qualities we sometimes take for granted.

After high school, I began a career as a special education teacher, completing my Master’s degree and joining the faculty in the district where I grew up.  My students are multiply-disabled five and six year-olds—a challenging population, but also an opportunity for me and my team to make a real difference for these special children and their families.  I've been teaching, in the same district where I started my career, for over 25 years.

Over the years, I bought progressively better cameras, and in 2008 I invested in a professional-level digital SLR, the Nikon D300, and began taking photos for friends and family at parties and small events.  Since I love the outdoors so much, I also photographed wildlife on the beach near my house on the Long Island Sound.

With my new, advanced camera, and challenging subjects and lighting conditions, I soon realized that I needed a much better understanding of the camera’s functions, features, and capabilities, and, in general, much more knowledge about how to adjust settings for lighting, motion, depth of field, etc.  It was finally time to take some formal lessons.  


While browsing the Internet, I noticed some incredible wildlife photographs by Chris Corradino, who had donated his shots to raise money for a local wildlife support facility.  I sent Chris an e-mail, introducing myself, and soon began taking lessons with him.  Chris is a patient and gifted teacher and an incredible mentor.  We first worked together in the autumn of 2010, and since then he has skillfully guided me through practical, focused field lessons with multiple settings and subjects, including flash work with butterflies, birds in flight, cherry blossoms, and scenic and lowlight conditions.  Chris has also spent time teaching me how to better leverage my computer and software for post production—including detailed, practical lessons on Adobe Photoshop and Apple’s Aperture.


A few years ago, with the support and encouragement of my husband, I opened Soundview Photography to provide a more organized, formal outlet for my photography passion.  I began as a freelance photographer for local newspapers, covering various local events. 

My photographs were featured in the documentary about people suffering from disease and the potential benefits of stem cell technology, produced by The Brooke Ellison Project and directed by Jimmy Siegel. Hope Deferred received the Humanitarian Award at the International Film Festival in July 2009.  

I am also the official photographer for a native LI band, 50 Miles 2 Frequency, and I frequently take photos for Rock Diva News—where I had the opportunity to photograph Buckcherry, Heart, and many others at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, NY, and recently photographed Twisted Sister at a fundraising event for Hurricane Sandy at the Emporium.

In 2012, I launched, Boudoir On The Beach — my personal brand of tasteful, sexy, sensual, photos in various settings in my home, private beach house, and on my exclusive beach.  My mission is to inspire men and women of any age to uncover and explore the beauty and potential of their own sensuality while in a unique, relaxed environment on a sandy beach or in a private bedroom overlooking the Long Island Sound.

I was also given the opportunity to be one of the photographers at a PayPer View Event at Foxwoods Casino during the World Cup of Mixed Martial Arts in 2012.  

In early 2013, Olga Papkovitch, the CEO and founder of PopImpressKA Journal, a New York City-based coffee table book-sized magazine, decided to feature photos from Boudoir on the Beach and some of my band photos in her spring edition.  PopImpressKA includes “articles about art, movies, fashion, new discoveries, new adventures, new enterprises and amazing people, their great causes and how we can make our planet beautiful.”  Olga hired me to photograph two PopImpressKA Journal cover story subjects—Mick James, the songwriter, singer, and producer whose music is featured on the hit television show "Criss Angel Mindfreak", and Linda Silano, a role model and inspirational spokesperson focused on spreading awareness about a rare and incurable genetic disorder, McCune Albright Syndrome.  One of my photos of Linda will be featured on the back cover of this spring’s PopImpressKA Journal, which will be unveiled during the summer at a red carpet event in the Hamptons.    


I am blessed and truly thankful to continue to have the opportunity to learn from Chris.  He is unwaveringly supportive and inspirational, giving me confidence to take my photography to higher levels.  I often look to him for advice and a clear perspective.  He always gets me thinking “what if?,” and knows how to tap into my creative side—which I appreciate in an instructor.   I look forward to many more years as his student and friend, to learning new skills, and to gaining additional insights from discussing his perspective about angles, portraits, lighting and Photoshop.  Thanks again Chris, for sharing your passion and love of photography, and technical, artistic, and teaching skills with me.  And, thank you for believing in and inspiring me."  Chris Carrion

Chris Corradino