Embracing the Beauty of Winter

As temperatures across the nation rapidly descend to single digits, there is no way to avoid scraping the car windshield, or that frozen toe sensation as they thaw inside wet boots. Rather than showing pictures of distant tropical climates (that would be cruel), I thought it more appropriate to share a few cold weather photography tips, and a themed collection of images titled, "The Beauty of Winter". 

In order to avoid frostbite, it's essential to dress appropriately in smart layers. For me this is a base of wicking clothes such as the "Cold Gear" by Under Armour. I've also had success with the DriFit line from Nike. These aren't just for professional athletes like Lebron James, or Ray Lewis. With these specialized garments underneath my normal clothes I can safely stay outside for several hours. Of course a good jacket, hat, and scarf are necessary as well. To protect my hands I actually wear a thin pair of stretch cotton gloves. While not as warm as other possibilities, they do allow me to manipulate every button on the camera. 

As for the gear, I must confess to never taking any special cold-weather precautions. I don't worry about condensation, and in ten plus years of shooting, have never experienced trouble outside of a fogged up lens. When heading outside from a warm house, I just leave the DSLR in the camera bag for a few minutes. This allows it to acclimate to the cold temperature, and it's ready to go when I need it. I reverse the process upon arriving home, simply leaving the camera in the holster while it slowly comes up to room temperature. It's an easy process with no need for plastic bags, etc.

Chris Corradino