Consistency is Important

People sometimes ask if I'm worried about being replaced by automatic-everything cameras and advancements in technology like the iPhone. I guess I'm not the only photographer who gets this question.  In this interview by Oscar Rickett for VICE, he asks Michael Christopher Brown "Do you think the rise of citizen journalism is endangering your profession? Are you worried at all that people can just record what's happening on their phones?"

Brown's response is well thought out, and I couldn't agree more:

"Anybody, at the right place and time, is able to make a great picture, and even mechanized photography like Google Street View is able to capture great street scenes. But consistency is important if it is to be a profession, so the random great images Joe Public takes will never add up to the legacy of good pictures left by a professional." - Michael Christopher Brown

Enjoy the entire interview here.

Also, be sure to check out Michael's outstanding body of work on his site.

Chris Corradino