Death Valley


Death Valley National Park was unlike any other place I've ever visited. For starters, I didn't have an itinerary or really any idea of where to go. To be honest, I only had one bottle of water and was completely unprepared. The sheer size of the park is intimidating as it's the largest in the lower 48 states and also the hottest and driest in the U.S. However, I had driven all the way from Las Vegas and was determined to explore this unique landscape. 

Somewhere along the route I found the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes which seemed promisWhile hiking along, my shoes filled with sand and the relentless sun beat down. I quickly realized just how unforgiving the dessert is. It's funny how one can go from the modern comforts of a big city to a barren death trap in just a few hours. 😮 Despite the heat, it was undeniably beautiful and I worked to capture the shape and patterns of the dunes with a 12-40mm lens.

My water supply was rapidly vanishing though and I needed to hike back or risk falling victim to the heat. Unfortunately, people get lost and die here just about every year. Thankfully I navigated back to the safety of my rental car and the convenience of air conditioning. The next challenge would be finding my way back to Las Vegas despite a lack of internet or GPS service... 🙄

TravelogueChris Corradino