This was an imperfect picture that didn't necessarily meet all of my usual requirements for a "keeper". It was taken with a GoPro which doesn't have a shutter speed control. As a result it's somewhat soft in the focus. It stayed in my catalog unseen for some time. The key was that despite its flaw, I wasn't quick to delete it.

In reviewing it years later, I actually really like it as it tells a story. The motion adds to the sense of urgency as we raced to get back to the ship in the midst of a dangerous storm.

I often work with clients who are in a hurry to delete images that don't immediately grab their attention. My recommendation is to refrain from being delete-happy and keep just about everything you capture. As your artistic preferences change you may revisit these with a new set of 👀. Maybe there are some photos you have right now that are worth sharing. Take a look, and resist the urge to hit that delete key.

TravelogueChris Corradino