Demand a Plan

I know this isn't a political blog so I was hesitant to even write about this, but this post is not really about taking sides, but rather finding solutions to make our country a safer place for all of us.  After all, it was President Lincoln who said "A house divided against itself cannot stand".  

Two years ago, a nice woman was shot in the head by a mentally-ill man in a parking lot outside of a Supermarket. Her title and job shouldn't matter, but in this case, it was the catalyst for the incident.  Gabrielle Giffords was a U.S. Congresswoman, and she was holding the first "Congress on your Corner" event.  Miraculously, she survived, but six others died and 12 more were wounded.  In the short time since this incident, there have been 11 more shootings with no action to curb gun violence.  

Today, with her husband Mark Kelly, Giffords has launched a new effort to open the dialogue about how to solve the rampant gun violence in our country.  To be clear, Giffords and Kelly are both gun owners, but "acknowledge the need to prevent guns from ending up in the wrong hands.”

It's called "Americans for Responsible Solutions" and you can learn more about it here

A knotted gun barrel at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC.

A knotted gun barrel at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC.

According to the "Mayors Against Illegal Guns", more than 48,000 Americans will be murdered with guns during the President's next term.  Clearly, the time for change is now.

There is also a powerful new video with Roxanna Green, a mother who lost her 9 year old child to gun violence in Sandy Hook Elementary School.  She calls for every concerned American to go to and add their voice to this urgent cause.  I just did, and encourage you to do the same.  

Chris Corradino