Textured Flowers

This is a series of double exposures created in the camera using the multiple exposure mode on the OMD EM1. This is something I loved from the film days and was disappointed when early model digital cameras first left out this feature. The EM1 makes it easy and fun. I particularly like the "overlay" function where you can choose a RAW shot on your SD card as image 1. You then can search for the perfect image 2. I particularly enjoy textures. Here are some of my favorites.

Generally I would look for a texture first. I found them on brick walls, and on the ground on the pavement. A few times I found great layers on a dewy window. I would shoot these pretty tight to really fill the frame using the 40-150mm. I would then go into the menu, select multiple exposure, 2f, and then "overlay" which allows you to pick the shot you want to use as image 1. The overlay method is super convenient! You see the first image in the viewfinder transparently and start looking for the second shot. As long as you don't hit the playback button you can keep shooting with that same textured overlay. This allows you to find the perfect blend and composition. When I was satisfied with one, I would repeat the process with a different texture and flower. Generally I shot flowers to show the contrast between the gritty decay of image 1, and the soft petals of the flowers in image 2. You can vary exposure for both shots to either show more flower or more texture. Overall I took a few hundred shots, but it was a slow methodical process which I really enjoyed as it allowed me to really connect with the subtle details of the subjects. I'm so glad the EM1 has this functionality.