Dusk Without a Tripod

Learning the rules of photography is essential to best determine when and where they can be broken. On this particular evening, I did not have my tripod. When the magic light moved in, it was just to good to pass up. The solution is not something I'd ordinarily recommend, but in a pinch, it works! First, I set the OMD-EM10's ISO extraordinarily high, all the way to 8000! Then, I used a pretty wide aperture of 3.5 and a shutter at 1/60th. Technically these settings were wrong. Ideally, I would not want such a high ISO as it introduces more noise. On the Olympus, it looks more like film grain though, so I was OK with that. In a perfect world I would have also used a smaller aperture and faster shutter speed. Still, considering the circumstances, these compromises worked out rather well.