Experimenting with Creative Double Exposures

These are in-camera double exposures created with the OMD-EM-10. For the first image I set the shutter speed to 1/6th of a second and rotated the camera while pointed at the trees. The flowers were then photographed at 1/125 to keep them sharp. The camera puts the two scenes together rather quickly. Of course with a technique like this, there will be a few misses. Nevertheless, the results can be quite interesting when you get it just right.

This Brooklyn Bridge shot was a bit of an accident with the first frame being a long 30 second exposure. Frame 2 was equally as long, but after bumping the tripod mid exposure, I decided to just pick it up and move it around. Whether you love it or hate it, one thing is certain...it sure is different.

The firepit was captured at a family BBQ with the first frame being the flames, and the second including the surrounding trees. I think it has a painterly quality to it. 

For more experimental techniques, check my article "Zoom Past the Competition with Intentional Lens Movement". 

Chris Corradino