Throughout my life, the most dramatic changes always seem to take place in Fall. 🍁 While transitions are not without obstacles, I am on the precipice of exciting new adventures both personally and professionally. For this, I am filled with hope and gratitude.

No matter the season, photography has been a consistent source of freedom and comfort. Sharing this craft with others brings me unparalleled joy. Whether I'm teaching a workshop or posting an image, it's a way to connect on a deeper level. So today, as we shift into Autumn, I wanted to offer two pieces of writing to ponder.

From Shakespeare's "Hamlet": This above all: to thine own self be true. - - - - I once found this line somewhat self centered. Now I realize, the only way to impact others positively is to follow your own heart.

From John Mayer's song "Somethings Missing": When autumn comes, It doesn't ask. It just walks in where it left you last. You never know when it starts. Until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart. ♥️

I thank you once again for accompanying me on this fantastic journey thus far.

Your friend - Chris