Save Your Skies with Hitech Filters

Discovering neutral density grad filters was an "a-ha" moment in my photography career. Without them, it was nearly impossible to fulfill my vision of a well exposed foreground coupled with a dark, dramatic sky. After a great deal of research, I found a company that offered durable filters that wouldn't scratch, were truly neutral without creating a color cast, and were reasonably priced. After deciding, I've never gone back, exclusively working with Hitech filters. My first set withstood nearly 7 years of heavy use, and I recently picked up a second set along with the filter pouch.

Today, I'm thrilled to be named a "Featured Artist" on their website. Check it out below:

See for yourself why I've been calling these "the most important filters in your bag". To get started, I would highly recommend this versatile kit. It contains three filters in various strengths, each designed to balance your exposure between a bright sky and dark foreground. For more info on finding the right filters for your specific needs, check out this helpful page.