Finding Peace

The scarf and gloves were back on, but the flowers were blooming beautifully in and around Central Park. I was shooting very wide with the 17-40mm and found some peaceful scenes to focus on. It's amazing how secluded the park can feel despite being surrounded by the never-ending stream of cabs, pedestrians, tourists, and commuters. Winter is most definitely behind us, but its familiar bite still blows through the air. 


No matter where you live, I believe we all are breathing a sigh of relief now that the Boston bombers are no longer on the loose. The Red Sox may be the Yankees arch rival, but we are all Americans.  

The role photography played in the investigation is absolutely a testament to the power of image capture.  One of the most detailed photographs the FBI had of suspect #2 actually came from an iPhone.

My hope is that law enforcement officials will now become more accepting of photographers rather than suspicious.  

The camera is a powerful tool that can reveal the truth, and bring about peace and change by offering a deeper understanding of the world and its people.  Here's to a safe journey.

Chris Corradino