Finding the Oculus


The cabbie pleaded with me, “please say it slower.” It’s the Ahh-cue-less I said, “just down on Church street”. He nodded and proceeded through the hazards of New York traffic with stealthy efficiency. Outside, a drenching rain soaked pedestrians who used umbrellas to shield against the wind. 

I haven’t been to the World Trade Center since the terrorist attacks. People ask me from time to time where I was that day. There’s not much to tell as I was home sleeping. I woke up to a world in which everything changed. 17 years later, and it was both exciting and bittersweet to photograph inside the Oculus. It rests at the foot of the freedom tower which was shrouded in dense clouds. The architecture is mind boggling and to put it bluntly, dope af. It lends itself to black and white so I shifted into Monochrome 2 mode on my PenF with the 20mm f1.7. 

Chris Corradino