Finding Your Light

At f2.8, my 100mm macro lens offers incredibly shallow depth of field. This coupled with the 6D make it possible to create the washes of out of focus color.  I used ISO 50 to really soak in the vibrant colors, along with Live View to focus.  Everything was tripod mounted to keep it steady. I hope you have a chance to photograph some seasonal flowers during your Easter Sunday.  


I also found this one branch illuminated by the light, surrounded by darkness.  It's a rather ordinary subject, but it's meaningful to me.  

There was a time when I would have walked right past this without even giving it a glance. Today however, I enjoy studying nature more closely and observing the subtle ways shadows and light play off of each other.  

It's not all about sunsets and rainbows. Sometimes we need to search a little harder, look a bit closer, and slow our pace. Let the other photographer's jostle for position and shoot the same subject. Here's to finding your own light.  

Chris Corradino