How Safe is Your Email from Down Time

Imagine my surprise when six days of un-received email flooded my phone in a furious moment of notification chimes and vibrations. One after the other they trickled from GoDaddy's taxed servers and splashed across my screen. Thirty plus emails I had yet to see, and worst of all, angry customers who thought I was ignoring them. 

The first dozen messages started as basic inquiries, but the tone eventually changed to one of concern with "are you OK?, this isn't like you to not respond".  I was embarrassed, and the issue had prevented me from scheduling several jobs, a major inconvenience for everyone involved.

I pride myself on great customer service, and this was clearly unacceptable.

Before making any rash decisions, I wanted to find out what caused the problem and called GoDaddy. An automated message immediately announced that there were "known issues" with the email servers and they were "working on it". I then looked on Twitter, and saw a landslide of frustrated posts from other businesses who were also waiting on a resolution. Even after GoDaddy announced it was fixed on 11/19, more users were affected on 11/20. 

To be fair, I never had issues such as these before this incident. Yet, considering it appears to be ongoing, I've quickly lost all confidence in their services, and therefore decided to find a more stable solution. 

Thankfully, it didn't take long to locate the instructions of how to switch from a GoDaddy email account to Google Apps for business. The entire process took a few minutes and emails hit the account almost instantaneously.

Chris Corradino