Starting the day right at five thirty am with coffee and a Jewel/Tori Amos shuffle. Thinking back to that time I saw her at the Christmas tree lighting when the Spirit album had come out. It was uplifting and she played Hands which was amazing. Funny how that day left a major impression on me all these years later. I just needed to see that there was more than my life on Long Island. I’ve always known there was more. As a child the sound of the train in the distance from my open bedroom window fascinated me. 

Today, a client flew in from Colorado just to work with me in Manhattan. I never thought this would happen, but I always worked towards something bigger than that which I understood. Maybe it would be music I thought, or poetry, and then miraculously photography entered my life and planted deep roots that remain nearly 20 years later. 

The irony is that the biggest life changing development happened without any planning or preparation. It was merely by chance, almost despite what I wanted. Granted, I worked hard on growing my photo skills but had no intentions to teach others. I put myself out there in the world the best way I knew how, and things unfolded from there. It all began with a donated print of the snowy owl that I had framed. Perhaps I'll tell that story another time. 

As I now look back at all of this the story is laced with irony and meaning. It was my generosity that led to opportunity. It was my courage to proceed despite my initial fear. It was my drive and passion for image making and the desire to be the best at it. Then it was my family who helped me get there although I thought I was doing it alone at the time. All of these things at play, and behind it all was and remains Jesus. There is no doubt that he saved me from sure ruin. 

Chris Corradino