Having the Courage to Say No

Having the courage to say no is something many people struggle mightily with. In fact, Lifehacker recently posted a piece called "How to Say No to Anyone (Even a Good Friend)". This may sound unnecessarily harsh at first. Yet their is a wisdom in the article, particularly this passage:

"Don't over-clutter your calendar with commitments that derail your focus, pulling you away from the work that you truly want to do. It's not good for your career. It's not good for your soul."

Likewise, it takes equal parts courage to say YES to new opportunities that excite but scare you. You may feel there isn't enough time, or you're too busy, or you don't have the right gear. Learn to silence those fears, many of which are irrational anyway. 

One extreme example is Australian photographer, Shantanu Starick who has traveled the world for several years using only his photography to trade for the things needed to survive. Starick says:

"The most amazing feeling is not thinking of money or making decisions based on money."

Starick's process is similar to the plot in documentary film, "Craigslist Joe" in which the main subject lives with no money for a full month, using only Craigslist for food, shelter, work, fun, adventure. 

When the owner of Craigslist himself, Craig Newmark was asked to sell pop up ads on his site, he asked, “Hey, how much money do I need?" To this day, the popular site remains ad free. 

If you believe that people are born with their batteries charged already, then we are all motivated to  succeed. The key then, is to find out what's standing in your way and overcome it. Say NO to the things that detract from your goals, and YES to those that enhance it. 

InspirationChris Corradino