Hells Gate and RFK Bridge at Dusk

It was one of those nights when the cloud cover was nearly complete. There was a chance that it would not be a colorful sunset. The forecast only called for a 25% chance of rain though, so I decided to take a chance and head out. I picked up a large coffee and headed over to Astoria Park. Just off of Ditmars Street is a little rocky outcrop that offers a spectacular view of the Hells Gate Bridge framing the RFK bridge. In the distance is the NYC skyline, and on this particular night (September 10th) the tribute in lights was shining towards the sky from lower Manhattan.

I shot this with a 60 second exposure on the Olympus EM1 with the 12-40mm lens on a tripod. 

During the evening I also had a chance to mess around with some creative in-camera effects including this. Taken with a 15 second exposure, I counted to 10 and then slowly zoomed from 12mm to 40mm. Here's how it came out.