Helpful Items in My Photography Bag

Here are 13 mostly ordinary items I find helpful in my travels. None of these are very expensive, but all serve a specific, and important purpose. 

  1.  Tiny LED Flashlight - for working in the dark
  2. Gaffer tape - taping wires down, marking spots, emergency fixes
  3. Small screwdriver - to tighten any loose screws
  4. Rubber bands/Twist ties - to clean up and organize wires
  5. Microfiber cloths - to keep your lens clean
  6. Hotel Shower cap - for rain protection
  7. Allen key - for securing quick release tripod plates
  8. Business Cards - for unexpected marketing opportunities
  9. Pen and paper - to leave a note behind
  10. Extra battery - especially when it's cold out
  11. Spare Memory Card(s) - just in case one fails
  12. Travel First Aid kit - band-aids, aspirin, neosporin, etc.
  13. Reflective white cardboard - as a folding makeshift reflector
Chris Corradino